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License Rights

  1. License Rights

Our use license only permits you to download one copy of a file from our online store for personal use and not a commercial user distribution or giveaways. The license prohibits you from doing the following.


  • Editing, altering, changing, manipulating, or recreating our printables.
  • Commercially distributing, giving away, or publically displaying our printables.
  • Reverse engineering of any software on itssuzydarlen website.
  • Removing copyright markings and propriety symbols from our printables.
  • Transferring of materials to a person other than your household.
  • Mirroring our materials on another server.
  • Duplicating or uploading printables and other downloadable materials on file sharing sites.

 In case any of the above restrictions are violated, the license will automatically be terminated. If not by itself, then the license might be terminated by itssuzydarlen shop at any time. Upon the termination of your license, you must destroy any printable in your possession, whether you have it in printed format or on your electronic devices.

 After making the purchase, you agree that the printable and other downloadable materials are owned by the company and its licensors, contain propriety notations and are protected under these prosperity notations, copyright laws, intellectual property laws, and trademark laws.

 The company shall persecute misconducts such as stealing to the fullest extent as permitted by law.