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Refunds & Returns

We do not offer any refund or return policies in place due to our products being digital. Scammers can easily exploit a refund or return policy on digital products. Therefore, we do not offer such policies.

 You agree to this when you make your purchase from our shop. We recommend that you make sure that you want the item before you purchase our products. Please do not purchase our products if you intend to try them out.

 Please note that we have an evident refund policy in place; any buyer who creates a bank, PayPal, or a credit card dispute for reasons that are exempted from the legitimate fraudulent activities and processing errors will have to forfeit all of his rights to purchase anything our store for life, will be denied access to our blog and any other sites that we own, and will receive maximum persecution by the law for damages, business and personal losses, time losses, and any other applicable losses.

 Shopify records list a detailed flow of customer orders such as IP address and other personal information. If you try to scam us, all of the above information can be used against you in legal proceedings, and strict action will be taken against you.

 We intend to help as much we can and wish to have a secure, authentic, and scam-free transaction and plea to you to understand this. Comply with our terms & policies and maintain honesty.