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Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms And Conditions

All sales will be final as they are digital. After you make a purchase, you are bound to the terms of use, rules & regulations, and you are committed to complying with the rules and regulations of itssuzydarlen shop if you wish to make a purchase.

 If you do not wish to cooperate with our policies or do not agree with our rules & regulations, you cannot use or access the site. All the files in itssuzydarlen shop are protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws.

 No file will be shipped to you as all of them are digital and will be instantly downloaded after a successful purchase. We send your files in Zip file PDF formats. The files will not be able to download on a cellphone or a tablet.

Payment Policy

You are required to pay us in full for the itssuzydarlen Shop Products before being granted access to the download link (the sales taxes and other fees are also applicable) and providing us your valid debit/credit card and other valid payment methods.

 Since all of our products are digital, we do not offer a payment plan or anything of that sort on our products. Products will be instantly downloaded and will not be shipped to you.

 In case the purchase process encounters a system error, we require you to pay for your order upon discovering the error. Suppose your account stays in a delinquent status for a duration longer than 60 days.

In that case, the company will hold the right to report any delinquent balance you owe to a credit reporting bureau and other agencies that are subject to our company's sole discretion until we catch up to your account and return it to good standing.

 Refunds & Returns

We do not offer any refund or return policies in place due to our products being digital. Scammers can easily exploit a refund or return policy on digital products. Therefore, we do not offer such policies.

 You agree to this when you make your purchase from our shop. We recommend that you make sure that you want the item before you purchase our products. Please do not purchase our products if you intend to try them out.

 Please note that we have an evident refund policy in place; any buyer who creates a bank, PayPal, or a credit card dispute for reasons that are exempted from the legitimate fraudulent activities and processing errors (not includes customer errors) will have to forfeit all of his rights to purchase anything our store for life, will be denied access to our blog and any other sites that we own, and will receive maximum persecution by the law for damages, business and personal losses, time losses, and any other applicable losses.

 Shopify records list a detailed flow of customer orders such as IP address and other personal information. If you try to scam us, all of the above information can be used against you in legal proceedings, and strict action will be taken against you.


We intend to help as much we can and wish to have a secure, authentic, and scam-free transaction and plea to you to understand this. Comply with our terms & policies and maintain honesty.

Discount Codes

We allow only one discount code in our shopping system per order if you have a discount count. If you want to get two things free or want to want to use two discount codes, then you must place two separate orders with the discount codes.


There's a 30-day window to download your order; if you miss that, then the product will no longer be available for free. However, you can see if that product is still free by typing the same discount code and reordering from our shop.


If our item is no longer free and you want it, you have to pay for it. If you have paid a dollar amount for your order and your download links have been expired, please contact us, and we will send a new link to you.


This service is not available for free items, and we make no exceptions in our services and policies. When you make your purchase, you agree and recognize all of our policies.


Technical Support

We do not offer any technical support. It's your responsibility to make sure that you can access our PDFs, files, and pictures with the software and devices you are using. Please note that our products do not work with iPhones and some mobile devices.


You are not required to pay us any additional fees to access our files. If you receive any such message demanding additional fees from you, it is not from our store.